The Nemetrix is a knock off version of Azmuth's third Omnitrix. 

Nemetrix Symbol
The Nemetrix Symbol
Some attributes
First In RP it is owned by ISM.
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Crabdozer - Crabdozer is the Pyronite's natural predator.

Buglizard - Buglizard is the Lepidopterran's natural predator.

Slamworm - Slamworm is the Talpaedan's natural predator.

Mucilator - Mucilator is Crashhopper's species' predator.

Terroanchula - Terroanchula is Ball Weevil's species' predator.

Tyrannopede - Tyrannopede is the Vaxasaurian's natural predator.

Hypnotick - Hynotick is the Necrofriggan's natural predator.

Omnivoracious - Omnivoracious is the Galvan's natural predator.

Vicetopus - Vicetopus is the Cerebrocrustacean's natural predator.

Magnetech - Magnetech is the Galvanic Mechamorph's natural predator.

This alien is eligible to be registered!

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