Humungousaur is about 12 feet tall and can grow bigger at will, up to about 60 feet. When he grows, his dinosaur features become more pronounced, growing Stegosaur-like plates on his back, a crest on his forehead and spikes on his tail. Also, on his shoulders three plates separate and grow, giving him a more ferocious look. His arms do something similar. His skin is hard, brown and a sort of beige color and he has a somewhat humanoid body. When he grows, his tail grows large spikes. Humungousaur wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse, Humungousaur wears black briefs with a white waistband and a green sash across his chest containing the Omnitrix symbol. Humungousaur's fingernails are now grey instead of brown. His chin is also slightly bigger. His nose has shifted to his forehead. [1]Humungousaur in Alien Force / Ultimate Alien[2]Humungousaur in Heroes United[3]Alpha as Humungousaur in Heroes United[4]Humungousaur in the Alien Swarm movie Add a photo to this gallery==Powers and AbilitiesEdit== [5]Humungousaur's enhanced strengthHumungousaur possesses incredible strength and a thick layer of armor-like skin which provides vast resistance to injury and damage.

According to Eugene, Humungousaur is strong enough to lift Way Big.[1] [6]Humungousaur at maximum sizeHumungousaur has the power to increase his own body size and mass. He can grow up to 60 ft. His strength increases as he grows.

In Vilgax Attacks and Cosmic Destruction, Humungousaur can do a Shoulder Charge and make shockwaves by slamming the ground.

Humungousaur can generate his stegosauride features (plates and spikes on spine) without changing size.

Humungousaur is durable enough to survive in space for a few minutes.

Humungousaur is quite agile for his size, as he could somersault onto one of the Forever Knight's battle horses in Eye of the Beholder, slide in Special Delivery and being able to evade while jumping in Showdown: Part 2.

Humungousaur has a powerful roar which he used to scare away the sea creatures as seen in Deep.


Humungousaur's strength is useless against Tyrannopede's sheer weight. He is also very slow and can't fit into small spaces.

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