Chris 10: The Original Series is the first series of the Chris 10 saga.


When a 10 year old boy finds a watch while taking a walk in the park, but hat he doesn't know, is that the watch can turn him into alien stereo-types. He must use it to fight his way through knights and protect the earth.




  1. Block Buster (Bloxx)
  2. Plantsplosion (Wildvine)
  3. Beetle Juiced (Eatle)
  4. Frog Meister (Bullfrag)
  5. Mad Dash (Jetray)
  6. Catclone (Ditto)
  7. Merger (Upgrade )
  8. Rollaway (Chris 10)
  9. Frost Moth (Big Chill)
  10. Big Boy (Way Big)


  1. And Then There Were Ten (Chris 10)
  2. Washington B.C (Chris 10)


  • Gwen and Kevin don't exist in this series.
  • There will be a lot of seasons, over 12.

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