Episode ListEdit

Sorry, we only have the list from Episode 30.

Episode no. Episode Summarry
30 Evil's Encore Dr. Animo takes over Plumber Headquarters at Mount Rushmore in order to spread his mutation ray all over the Earth, via the Plumber's satellites.(Flashback Episode)
31 T.G.I.S The Secret Saturdays come to Bellwood to investigate a rash of chupacabra attacks.
32 Food Around The Corner Ben as Gravattack attempts to moderate a fragile peace treaty, but must endure the attacks of tiny alien fleas, which have inhabited his body.
33 The Ultimate Heist Unknown
34 Oh Mother Where Art Thou Unknown
35 Max's Monster Unknown
36 Return To Forever Unknown
37 Mud Is Thicker Than Water
38 OTTO Motives
39 Fistful Of Brains: Part 1
40 Fistful of Brains: Part 2