And Then There Were Ten (Chris 10) is the first episode of Chris 10: The Original Series.


In a house, a 10 year old is seen playing WWE All Stars on Xbox.

Kid: Chris Tennyson takes the lead score and...Attitude Adjustment, he picks up the...

Suddenly, a watch comes out of the TV.

Chris: Whoa, is this a gift for my acheivement?

The watch flies onto his left wrist.

Chris: Wow, this is a cool watch, but it doesn't tell time, maybe this button activates the battery, making the clock appear.

Chris presses the button, and a hologram appears (Beetle Juiced), ignores it and pushes it down. He is Beetle Juiced now.

Beetle Juiced: Ah, I'm a bug! Wait, I don't feel different, let's see what I can do.

Beetle Juiced rolls around on the ground, and takes a pillow and eats it.

Beetle Juiced: Yummy.

Beetle Juiced spits it out the window.

Beetle Juiced: So that's my power.

Beetle Juiced turns back into Chris.

Chris: I can't wait to use other guys. Maybe that bug guy again.

Voice: Chrissy, lunch!

Chris: Oh man, I forgot about mom. I gotta hide the watch.

Chris grabs a green hoodie and puts it on.

Chris: Good thing it's November.

Chris walks in the kitchen, and sees three grilled cheese sandwiches on the table.

Chris: 3?

Sandra: Carl's coming home.

Chris: Dad's coming home? Yes!

Chris jumps up, and the hoodie falls off. Revealing the Omnitrix.

Sandra: Christopher, what is that on your wrist?

Chris: It...came from the mail?

Sandra: ...Ok. Want some water?

Chris: Yeah.

Chris cuts up his grilled cheese and eats it up. Then a voice calls "I'm home!".

Chris: Dad!

Carl: It's nice to see you guys again. I got presents.

Chris: Sweet!

Carl: For Sandra, I got you a Nook HD.

Sandra: Thank you honey.

Sandra and Carl kiss.

Chris: I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Carl: And for Chris...I got you the WWE 2K14 video game.

Chris: What?!? That game doesn't come out for a year.

Carl: It spent me 10.00.

Sandra: Everything in South Dakota is 10.00.

Chris: Thank you dad, can I go to the park and gloat to all my friends?

Carl: Yes, but be back before dinner.

Chris: Yes, thank you.

Carl: Your welcome.

Chris runs down to the park, but an army of knights block him.

Knights: Halt! You shall not pass.

Chris: Well, I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.

Chris transforms again, and he turns into a lego alien, he is Block Buster.

Block Buster: Oh yeah!

Block Buster transforms his hands into hammers.

Knights: We are not scared.

Block Buster: Boo.

The knights run away, and Block Buster reverts.Knights: Aah!

Chris: So I guess the writer is going to end the episode now.

Me: Sorry, I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, plus I have to end this episode sometime.


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